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So Much To-Do List

A Daily To-Do List for People Who Have a Lot of Things to Do

Each page of this Day Planner includes areas for:

Daily Do Items:

These are tasks that need to be completed on a typical day. They can be as mundane as "check your email" or "brush your teeth." Writing these items down and checking them off quickly is a great way to reinforce good habits. Don't forget to mark the important ones down in your daily accomplished tasks column! Reinforce that positive momentum!


Do Today List:

This is your catch-all to-do list. It doesn't always get done in a day, but by carrying over items from one day to the next, it helps reinforce those items that have been there for a little too long.


3 Project To-Do Lists:

Break those larger goals into bite sized pieces by breaking down the various projects in your life. These are often work projects, but may include home projects or household management tasks as well!


Today's Accomplished Tasks:

Avoid overwhelm burnout by marking down every single accomplished task throughout your focused work day. This positive reinforcement area should be written with enthusiasm. Add exclamation marks!!! and Smiley Faces!


Very often, we get distracted by other tasks than our listed tasks. At the end of the day, instead of looking at the list of items that weren't crossed off, take joy in what you did do instead. This is also a great way look back, review and to see how you genuinely spend your time. Did you answer a phone call? Great! That's a productive use of your time, and you should give yourself credit for it, even if it wasn't planned.


Gratitude List

Why do we do the things we do? To keep and take care of the things we have! Taking time to appreciate the things we have in life, or the things that happen throughout our day, helps to reinforce why we're doing all of these to-do items in the first place. You have a beautiful life that's worth caring for.


Upcoming Appointments and Calls

All this great, focused work and productivity makes it hard to look at the clock or calendar sometimes. It helps to write down your next 5 to 10 appointments, whether they're scheduled out for the next two days, or the next two quarters. Draw a little clock next to anything that needs you to set a reminder bell! Beat that time-blindness.


NOTES: There's a big open area on the bottom to use as you like! Personally, I think it's a great place to doodle.


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Jillian N. Baker

Author, Artist, and Productivity Designer Jillian Baker of Just Jilly Publishing

Jillian Baker has been a small business owner since 2011 and a homeschool mom since 2016. As a self-directed and self-employed Mom, Teacher, Web Designer, Artist, Popular Digital Creator and more... There is always something to be done. Jillian has been developing her own to-do lists and trackers to navigate the pitfalls of her neuro-spicy mind. While she loves to read science-based attention and productivity research, her only background in time management is spending over a decade in the trenches of a very full life.


Raised by a professional artist and crafter, Jillian has been creating for as long as she can remember. Her digital prints can be found throughout the internet, and her paintings can be seen on various social media sites under the artist names "Just Jilly" and "Now That's Just Jilly."

Digital Creator

Jillian also creates original and spoof video content on social media, covering topics from her life.

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